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In addition to how great the property now looks, here are a few benefits of what PDC has done for the asphalt:

  1. The binding components have been restored
  2. The elasticity has been renewed
  3. PDC will not crack, peel or delaminate and the asphalt will oxidize evenly from left to right
  4. The asphalt is salt, fuel and oil resistant
  5. The asphalt has a non-slip surface

From a financial perspective, re-applications are every 3-5 years vs. every 2 like with traditional surface treatments and more importantly, each application extends the useful life of asphalt by 3-5 years.  This means that if used as part of an asphalt maintenance program, the useful life of the asphalt should be approx. 30+ years, saving property owners and tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars on overlays.

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